Trends in Cyber Liability and its Effect on the Self-Insured Market| 2021 OSIA Virtual Annual Conference | Day 2, Session 3

This session will address trends in cyber liability and its effect on companies in the self-insured market. Breakdown the anatomy of a claim starting from the actual breach to ultimate closure, addressing breach response, regulatory requirements, dependent systems and business interruption risks, social engineering and potential reputation concerns.

Lacy Rex, AU, has more than 13 years experience in the insurance industry, always focused on executive risk coverages. Her knowledge in Cyber Security has earned her international speaking engagements and panel opportunities. Lacy is actively engaged with insurance carriers to craft and create new coverages and manuscript forms.  She integrates her product and market knowledge to find solutions for client’s issues that arise daily. Lacy works closely with insurance companies to draft policy enhancements, providing innovative solutions to local, national and international companies. The pace of Cyber incidents continues to soar allowing Lacy to be on the forefront of protecting clients’ largest and most valuable assets. Lacy earned her degree in History with a minor in Art History from Indiana University.