Subrogation| 2021 OSIA Virtual Annual Conference | Day 2, Session 2

Workers' Compensation subrogation is based on the premise that a party who causes an injury should bear the cost of the injury and the injured worker should not recover twice for the same injury. Mr. Garvin will review the subrogation law, formula and relevant court cases. He will discuss the use of subrogation in the settlement of claims and the unusual position an employer can find themselves if the subrogation matter is pending in court.

Preston J. Garvin began his workers' compensation career as a Hearing Officer for the Industrial Commission. He served as Legal Director, Chief Legal Advisor, to the Industrial Commission. In 1997, Preston and Michael Hickey formed the law firm of Garvin & Hickey, LLC. Preston is Special Counsel to the Ohio Chamber of Commerce for workers' compensation matters and Chairman of the Workers' Compensation Committee. He has testified before various House and Senate committees on numerous workers' compensation bills. He has participated in numerous Amici Curiae briefs before the Ohio Supreme Court. Preston has served on various Industrial Commission and BWC committees. He presently serves on the Rules Advisory Task Force.